LAPEYRE 1909 Celebration

100% Tannat


Grape selection by hand

Yields 35 hectolitres per hectare


10 to 12 years

Using only 100% Tannat grapes this rich and sophisticated red wine is meticulously produced from the area of vines of the Estate that are known as “the raspberry bushes”. This name was given to them by the great-grandfather of Pascal Lapeyre, who established the Estate back in 1909.

Complete destalking, maceration for 21 days, fermentation at 28 to 30 degrees. Maturing in oak casks for 18 months. Bottling, after fining, without filtration


Tasting experience (degustation): :
Deep red colour. Intense bouquet of glace red fruits (cherries) with hints of vanilla

Flavour : a full and silky taste. Keep for a very long time. Serve at a temperature of 18 degrees to accompany red meat and game and strong cheeses

With this special quality vintage Pascal trusts you will retain memories of a truly enjoyable drinking experience.